Filippo Giannelli
Head of Private Sector
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Having graduated with honours in Business Economics from Bocconi University in Milan, specialising in Credit Provider Management, he began his career at the management consultancy firm Trend Action Management where he gained experience in the application of strategic plans into corporate action plans in the telecommunications and industry sector.

He later joined the Exprivia Group, first in the roles of Commercial Director and Industry Sector Director and later focusing on the Finance sector and the proposition and implementation of systems for the Banking, Finance and Insurance markets. He was then appointed Managing Director of Exprivia Digital Financial Solutions, an Exprivia Group company.

In 2017, following the merger of the firm into the parent company, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Exprivia S.p.A. until 2019.

He is currently Head of Banking, Finance & Insurance Market Innovation Unit and Fintech & Insurtech Digital Factory, where he manages a team of over 300 people.