We are still together with TIM for the 5G Demo Tour
29-30 Octorber 2019, Bologna

29 October 2019

Exprivia | Italtel attends the next two stages of TIM's 5G Demo Tour, which arrives in Bologna on 29 and 30 October after having already touched Florence, Naples and Turin.
Numerous live demonstrations are presented in this event, dedicated to topics such as robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality, smart green manufacturing and public safety. The goal is to show the applications that 5G makes possible in the industrial and smart city environments.
Exprivia | Italtel is responsible for managing, in collaboration with Cisco and Fanuc Italia, the corner dedicated to robotics, with the demo of a cobot guided by natural language, and the corner of augmented reality in the industrial sector, with smart glasses demo used for management indoor and outdoor logistics in terms of process improvement.
Even in the previous stages of this initiative, which turns Italy to bring companies closer to 5G innovation, our contribution has been on the issues of the industrial world: the connected factory, robotics, 5G manufacturing.
The demo we set up from 22 to 24 October at the joint stand of TIM and Cisco for the stage of SMAU Milan was also dedicated to the connected factory.