We are in Milan at the Technology Hub Update Day 2019 - TecHUD19
25 June 2019, Milan

25 June 2019

Resilience, availability and reliability, in a scenario in which everything is connected in an increasingly global network, are fundamental characteristics for the survival of communications and vital infrastructures in critical conditions.
On these issues, the main stakeholders of the sector will meet on June 25th at Circolo Ufficiali of the Caserma S. Barbara in Milan at the first conference on the "CRITICAL MISSION" organized by the 1st Transmission Regiment.

The conference aims to examine the most recent technological developments, trends and strategies in creating MISSION CRITICAL networks, involving Universities, Industry and the Defense world to share information and strengthen relationships. This forum reflects the growing need for research world, industrial sector and government bodies to work together to achieve ever greater capacities.

For Exprivia | Italtel Francesco Cardinale, Head of Open Network & Platform, presents at 12.00 am a speech on “efficient and protected services through an intelligent network”.