The new TIM WCAP
4 April 2019, Naples

08 April 2019

The Innovation Hub, inaugurated today in Naples, is the result of a collaboration among TIM, CISCO and University of Naples Federico II and was carried out within the context of the TIM WCAP in Naples, whose mission is summarized by the combination of "innovation & digitalization", innovation and development of digital skills. The innovation laboratory is aimed at stakeholders such as the Public Administration, Universities, Large Companies, SMEs and Start-ups.

With regard to the development of the local, national and international ecosystem, technological assets and access to platforms will be made available to companies, innovative startups and students, to develop applications and digital solutions with high innovation content with main focuses on 5G, ICT, Smart City, IoT and Security with reference to the Industry 4.0, Smart City, Cyber Security and Multi-Cloud.

Stefano Pileri, CEO of Italtel and COO of the Exprivia | Italtel group participates in the panel of the inaugural plenary session entitled "Alliance between large companies and territory for the development of innovative solutions and services" to be held starting at 11.45 am.

Exprivia | Italtel supported the set-up of the Innovation Hub, with a particular focus on:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Wi – Fi Smart Community
  • Cybersecurity
  • Multi-cloud and SDWAN

worked to carry out live demonstrations.