The ICT industry to build a Digital Nation
26-28 November - Rome Trevi Fountain Convention Center

26 November 2018

The Digital Italy Summit, now in its third edition, focuses on: "Building a Digital Nation". A "Three days" of intense work, with research presentations, 10 working tables, 130 speakers and the participation of the Leaders of the most advanced companies of the ICT Industry, of the Government Authorities and Public Administration, prestigious international experts and many of Italy's best digital people in order to share experiences, knowledge of the most advanced technologies and to enhance the excellence of the ICT industry, businesses and digital innovation.

On November 27th, the CEO of Italtel, Stefano Pileri, takes part in the opening session at Digital Nation: "The contribution of the ICT Industry" from 9.00 to 11.00 a.m. His speech focuses on the awareness that we are evolving towards a Digital Nation, ie a country that sees digitization as an opportunity for development. Exprivia | Italtel is the demonstration that Italian entrepreneurship is making important steps forward in bringing digital innovation to the country.

For further details: www.theinnovationgroup.it/events/digital-italy-summit-2018/