Smart SMEs: the next step and key to success
21 May 2019, Teatro Gerolamo - Milan

21 May 2019

Being a smart company is the key to generate new business models and always being at the forefront. Deep integration of intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, digital assistants and conversational interfaces in end-to-end applications and processes is what will change the way companies operate for the better, thanks to the adoption of SAP solutions.

SAP drives companies in the process of digital transformation through the SMEs radar, the initiative of SAP Italy with IDC, for a personalized digital assessment, whose presentation is scheduled during the May 21st event at the Teatro Gerolamo in Milan.

Exprivia | Italtel takes part in the interactive discussion on digital business and smart technologies at the service of SMEs. Our SAP client, Farchioni Olii, will present its success story.