Sicurezza ICT: Back to the Future
16th february 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

16 February 2022

With a double formula in physical presence and web conference, in just one day, on February 16, 2022, Soiel's Sicurezza ICT roadshow returns to Rome, an opportunity to meet and compare demand and supply of solutions for security and protection of corporate information.

ITsMine, Exprivia Partner, is Sponsor of the initiative and participates in the Conference with an exhibition space and a speech scheduled at 2.25 pm, entitled "The evolution of work: risks, threats and vulnerabilities. How can an organisation protect its data?". The "four-handed" speech, held by Stefano Volpi, Vice President EMEA - ITsMine and Giuseppe Marullo, Security Architect - Exprivia, aims to analyse one of the most ambitious challenges to be tackled today, namely the loss of company data. The spread of mobile work, the use of the Cloud and the sharing of documents contribute to the loss of control over corporate information. An attentive organisation must therefore put in place actions to monitor and protect data in use, on the move and at rest, internal and external, to prevent unauthorised use and regulate the transmission of confidential information. ITsMine and Exprivia offer an effective solution to help companies protect their critical data and maintain control over it, even outside the perimeter.

Attendance to the event is free of charge, after registering at the Sicurezza ICT: Back to the Future and subject to confirmation by the organisational secretariat.