"Responsibility" depicted by Dialoghi di Trani
17-22 September 2019, Trani

17 September 2019

The "Responsibility" is the theme of the 18th edition of the "Dialoghi di Trani" cultural event held in Trani and surroundings from 17 to 22 September.

Six days of dialogues on Responsibility in its forms and its challenges with respect to the problems that beset us as individuals and as a community: from inequalities to migration, from unemployment to sustainable development. Exprivia | Italtel renews its sponsorship and participates in two dialogues:

  • "Responsability, how to civilize the market" at 9.00 pm on 18 September at Palazzo Beltrani, Trani. Gianni Sebastiano, Head of Stratey, Communication and IR, talks with Stefano Zamagni and Francesco Strippoli on the meaning that "being responsible" has today;
  • “The reformist enterprise. Work, innovation, well-being, inclusion" at 6.00 pm on 22nd September, Palazzo Beltrani, Trani. Domenico Favuzzi, Group Chairman and CEO, talks with Antonio Calabrò and Domenico Castellaneta on the role of the company in today's society.

For further information: www.idialoghiditrani.com