Our vision of the future at Matera 2019
25-30 June, Matera

25 June 2019

From 25 to 30 June we will be in Matera to contemplate the future and propose our vision of tomorrow's world.

We are talking about the Exprivia | Italtel project presented as part of the "Open future of Italian businesses” call for tenders promoted by Confindustria to offer 50 businesses chosen from among the participants the chance to become protagonists of Matera 2019.

Through a video installation located in the underground tombs of San Francesco, under Matera’s old square, five clips will be shown of the “Accadde domani” event held at the Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato of Milan, with the participation of writer Gianrico Carofiglio.

The five stories, skilfully produced by our colleagues, revolve around important issues for the near future such as artificial intelligence, man-machine interaction and machine learning.

In this new proposition, the five tales form a single narrative whose underlying theme is our vision of tomorrow and whose horizon is the line between reality and fantasy.

An excellent opportunity to underline our role as a leading technology company in the promotion of culture as an essential starting point for a form of innovation that goes hand-in-hand with social progress.