Navigating the Digital Frontier with CyberSecurity Conference 2024
May 21, 2024, Shanghai

21 May 2024

In March, China introduced key policies on cross-border data transfer, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Understanding these policies means that companies can adopt a global approach to cybersecurity, allowing them to review and enhance their regional cybersecurity policies and practices.
These are the themes of the European Chamber's Cybersecurity Conference 2024, which brings together professionals and experts from various sectors, including legal and consulting firms, industrial operators, and leading data processors, to share their insights on the future of data flow security in China and potential solutions for all stakeholders.

Exprivia will participate in the Conference with a presentation by Simone Ciampi, General Manager of Exprivia Asia and Vice Chair of the European Chamber Information and Communication Technology Working Group, who will moderate the panel discussion: "Cyber Breach – What We Could Do to Avoid It."