Mediterranean Forum for Healthcare
Fiera del Levante of Bari, September 13-14

14 September 2018

"The necessary change to extend the healthcare right to everyone" is the main theme of this edition of the Mediterranean Forum of Health to be held in Bari. The discussion will start from health services in the South Italy going through the new solutions and opportunities offered by technology.
The event will present telemedicine experiences and new management approaches for processes that redesign of health services. It is in this context that Exprivia, always attentive in responding to the needs of the health sector, will attend the session on Friday 14 September - at 2.30 pm - entitled "Telemedicine and tele-assistance solutions for the development of new models of care and domiciliation" with the speech of Dr. Francesco Bellifemine - Exprivia Healthcare area production manager, entitled" Innovation and telemedicine ".
For more details, consult the website: www.forummediterraneosanita.it/index.php/home-2018