"Lezioni di storia" is back
20 October - 22 December 2019, Petruzzelli Theater of Bari

20 October 2019

"Lezioni di storia" (history lessons) is back, with the cycle of events entitled "L’Italia delle Donne" from 20 October to 22 December 2019 at the Petruzzelli Theater in Bari, organized by Editori Laterza.
"L’Italia delle Donne" (Italy’s women) theme was chosen to talk about the story of our country through the stories of some great female figures and, ultimately, through the collective biography of the women's movement which, after 1968, innervated the great civil battles over divorce, abortion, family law. A gender choice to give a more complete and complex view of past events, far and more recent.

The lessons will be introduced by Annamaria Minunno:
• 20 October: Giuseppina Muzzarelli will outline the profile of Matilde di Canossa
• 27 October: Chiara Mercuri will talk about the life of another key figure in our history, Chiara of Assisi
• 17 November: Antonio Forcellino will narrate of Giulia Gonzaga
• 24 November:, Alberto Mario Banti will talk about Cristina Belgioioso
• 8 December: Emilio Gentile will trace the life of Margherita Sarfatti
• 22 December: Simona Colarizi will give a lecture on the premises and the results of the feminist movement

All information and the program of the Lessons on the site: www.laterza.it