Let's talk about Artificial Intelligence at the C1A0 Expo 2019
15-16 November 2019, Genoa

15 November 2019

C1AO Expo is the International fair dedicated to Artificial Intelligence held in Genoa at Palazzo San Giorgio.
The impact of artificial intelligence on the society of the future is the theme of this first edition which includes an exhibition, workshops and training workshops, panels and meetings.
The event is attended by Exprivia|Italtel with a speech entitled "Future paths for Healthcare: AI at the service of care", held by Graziano Pappadà, Innovation Marketing & Technology Unit in Exprivia, scheduled in the "How can AI influence our life" session at 3.00 pm on Friday November 15th 2019. The aim of the speech is to illustrate the AI application for healthcare; in particular, to present a project that aims to design and develop innovative solutions in collaborative robotics to support the care of people with physical and cognitive fragility.

For more information, visit the site: c1a0.ai/hackathon/