Devnet Create: the conference that combines infrastructure and application development
24-25 April 2019, Computer History Museum in Mountain View - California

24 April 2019

Now in its third edition, Devnet Create is the only conference that combines infrastructure and application development. From the creation of NOC and DevOps for NetDevOps, to the intelligence of the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning, DevNet Create presents innovative solutions to solve company’s problems.
Two days of keynotes, tech talks, lightning talks, workshops, cross-vertical and cross-platform sessions with a wide range of tools and frameworks for developers.

It is in this context that Exprivia|Italtel participates in the event, with a workshop entitled "Automatic Pasta Selection System in the Food Supply Chain", scheduled for April 24 from 4.30 pm to 5.50 pm, by Dr. Antonio Fiorentini, Innovation Catalyst, Innovation, Marketing & Technology.

The speech aims to present a robot capable of selecting and identifying, within a container filled with different types of pasta, the required pasta format, automating and managing the most critical phases of the entire production chain.
The designed system is able, on the one hand, to communicate in an innovative way with all the machines to know the details of operation by using a bot developed with Cisco Webex technology. On the other hand, it is able to significantly improve the quality control of the finished product through the use of sophisticated computer vision algorithms applied to Cisco Meraki technology.
Moreover, thanks to the integration and interconnection with the various IT systems in the factory, it is possible to monitor/modify the entire supply chain in a real-time and completely automated way.

The proposal was selected from over 3,000 applications received from all over the world, further proof of how the Exprivia|Italtel group is working in the right direction also in the international area.

For more information, visit the website: developer.cisco.com/devnetcreate/2019/agenda