Data's disrupting energy at the IT Data Disruption Summit
4 October 2017, Rome - 11 October 2017, Milan

29 September 2017

The context in which today's companies operate is digital, globalised and interconnected, but also highly complex, because information is copious and fragmented and decision-making processes are often highly intricate.
How can companies exploit this cornucopia of information through Digital Transformation to implement innovative processes based on data analysis in real time and to anticipate the shifting demands of consumers and of the market? How can they best manage the protection of EU citizens' data and data privacy in compliance with the GDPR?

These are some of the issues discussed at the IT Data Disruption Summit, where Expriva analysed in particular the transformation of data management models through the adoption of a "Customer Centricity" approach, with a presentation by Lucio Gadaleta entitled "Freeing Data To Activate Customer Centricity Strategies"

In Exprivia's exhibition space, visitors can delve into the solutions and success stories in the fields of GDPR, social authentication, data management and immersive marketing.