Cybersecurity Day 2019
29 October 2019, Perugia

29 October 2019

The economy of a developed country is based on complex information systems and interconnected networks that constitute its cyberspace; to ensure the prosperity of a nation it is therefore imperative to make cyberspace a safe place. The conference aims to help the country system in the territory to be more resilient to the cyber threat, improving the continuity of service of critical systems, increasing awareness in society, improving protection measures against cyber-attacks of public administration and companies and supporting standards definition processes and methodological frameworks.

The conference is attended by Domenico Raguseo, Exprivia Cybersecurity Manager, with a speech entitled: "Click here and ..." to illustrate how important the human factor is in cybersecurity incidents and how cybersecurity has become an asset with intrinsic value.

For further information visit the website cybersecuritylab.unipg.it/cybersecuritylab/cday19.html