Culture and Beauty at the 16th Edition of Trani Dialogues
Palazzo delle Arti Beltrani, Trani, 20 - 24 September 2017

18 September 2017

From 20 to 24 September, the Trani Dialogues will be back. Together with the main players of the international cultural, political and economic scene, the Dialogues will ponder beauty, seeing it as an effort and thrust to activate a moral choice to make the world better.
With its support to the Trani Dialogues, Exprivia intends to bear witness to the importance of culture and beauty and how these aspects help develop and spread technology and innovation for the development of the territory and of enterprises.
Exprivia is a protagonist of the event with three dates that cannot be missed: Hackathon: "the beauty of the code" at Liceo Scientifico V. Vecchi in Trani, Thursday, 21 September, involving the students of the Pugliese institution in a contest, on the theme of valuing data and their meaning, exploiting the expressive capability of "Data Visualization", a Dialogue between Domenico Favuzzi and Paolo Zellini starting from the book "La matematica degli dei e gli algoritmi degli uomini" ("The mathematics of the gods and the algorithms of humans") at the Palazzo delle Arti Beltrani in Trani, followed, the next day, by an additional discussion at the Exprivia Molfetta premises, with our management and Paolo Zellini as a guest.