Conversations in the Age of Digital Convergence
25 June 2020, online edition

25 June 2020

The Digital Convergence Day event, which for the 2020 edition focuses on "increased" Conversations, is back. People interact more digitally than in person and in this scenario the smartphone becomes the real catalyst, the device that for its ease of use lends itself to being a channel that fuels relationships.
The event takes place online and is divided into two moments: the morning dedicated to the dissemination of Mobile, Social Media and AI topics with experts and keynote speakers. Gianni Sebastiano - Head of Strategic Planning Exprivia - will take part in this section.
The afternoon, on the other hand, includes the testimonies of important companies. Felice Vitulano, Head of Innovation Lab Exprivia, participates in this session at Quest.IT webinar.

Participation in the event is free upon registration: www.digitalconvergenceday.com/