CANTIERE ITALIA - The Region of Puglia to the challenge of economic recovery
22 January 2021, VideoTalk

22 January 2021

The event represents the fourth and final stage of the 6th edition of the Osservatorio sulle relazioni territorio-imprese (ORTI) of which Exprivia was a Partner.

The VideoTalk is an opportunity to examine the initiatives that the Region of Puglia is putting in place in the post-emergency phase for economic and industrial recovery, to analyse the impact of the pandemic crisis on the regional production structure and to discuss policies for innovation and digitalisation as the key to economic development in the coming years. In the background, the resources and projects of the Next Generation EU and the Italian National Plan.

For Exprivia, the President and CEO D. Favuzzi take part in the VideoTalk on the Zoom platform, from 9:00 to 10:20 am.