Best practices for Security Information Centres (SOCs)
IBM and Exprivia Webinar

16 June 2020

The issue of information security in the current context, between COVID-19 and Smart Working, is of great importance. Hackers have more attack opportunities and companies must use new methods to defend themselves.
We talk about it at the IBM and Exprivia webinar, titled "Best practice for Security Information Centers (SOCs)", recorded on June 16, to illustrate how technologies support processes and practices in the Security Operation Center to enable companies to become less exposed and more efficient in managing an attack.

Speakers: Domenico Raguseo Head of CyberSecurity Exprivia, Claudio Felice Merulla, Risk Management & Cyber Security Manager ITALTEL BRASIL e Uwe Hofmann - WW TechSales Executive CyberSecurity - Threat Management -IBM

The webinar is free at the following link: youtu.be/7CbNTKKBNS0