AWS Executive Cloud Seminar
10 October 2019, Milan

10 October 2019

Exprivia | Italtel, one of the top five Italian companies in digital technologies that has developed an integrated offer for the manufacturing industries and is Select | Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), participates in the AWS Executive Cloud Seminar, an event entirely dedicated to the manufacturing industry, which will be held on 10 October 2019 in Milan.

The appointment is dedicated to IT and Business Decision Makers operating in the manufacturing sector - industrial production, packaging, automotive, aerospace, food, fashion, luxury - in search of new strategies to guide the transformation and growth of their business.

During the seminar it will be discussed how AWS cloud can accelerate the transformation and growth of companies, through the sharing of experiences and innovative international use cases that allow to look beyond technology and discover how cloud can become an enabling factor in strategic industry trends.