Award ceremony and Recruiting Fair CyberChallenge.it 2020
15 December 2020, zoom webinar

15 December 2020

With 21 challenges solved out of 24, the Italian national team of ethical hackers also conquers Hackfest2020, the European cyber security friendly that replaced the European CyberSecurity Challenge this year. The teamItaly (16-23 years old) has proved to be among the most advanced in the sector in Europe. TeamItaly is one of the activities promoted and managed by the CINI's National CyberSecurity Laboratory, which currently organises CybeChallenge.IT, the cybersecurity training programme for young talents in the field of information security.

On Tuesday 15 December, the award ceremony will be held with the speeches of Premium and Gold Sponsors. Domenico Raguseo, Head of the CyberSecurity Unit, will hold a speech for Exprivia, Premium Sponsor of the initiative.

Exprivia will also participates in the Recruting Fair with a 75-minute session, scheduled from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm, entitled "CyberSecurity, un bene dal valore intrinseco ", by Rosita Galiandro - Head of the CyberSecurity Observatory and Luisa Colucci - Head of CyberSecurity Solution Design.
Students will have the opportunity to interact directly with companies and will have access to a reserved virtual area, active from 18 December to 2 February 2021, which will contain descriptive and informative materials relating to the companies encountered.