Artificial intelligence and BIG DATA in the healthcare sector
20 - 22 - 23 May 2019, Conference Room IRCCS "G. Paolo II" Cancer Institute - Bari

20 May 2019

Artificial Intelligence allows the design and programming of systems capable of simulating human characteristics such as, for example, the ability to recognize or the decision-making ability. The clinical and biomedical applications of Artificial Intelligence technologies, for the management of Big Data aimed at optimizing health care, will revolutionize the sector strengthening the processes of medical imaging diagnosis and support patient care activities, reducing costs of treatment.

Being able to process in an automated way the data collected on a large number of patients related to a specific pathology in order to turn them into information, represents the added value needed to have more and more accurate statistics on its evolution and on the measures to be taken to fight it, focusing on patient, not just the illness to be treated.

"Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Management in Healthcare" is the event aimed at analyzing these new technologies and how to best use them in the medical and research fields. The event will be held on 20, 22 and 23 May. Exprivia | Italtel participates on Monday, May 20, with the speech of the President Domenico Favuzzi, at the Round Table entitled: "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: technological innovation for health", scheduled at 12:20.