1-4 June 2017
Exprivia sponsors the “Festival of Economics” - Palazzo della Regione, Trento

01 June 2017

Event organized by Editori Laterza.

“Unequal Health” is the theme of the event, as is underlined by the leading article by Tito Boeri, the festival’s scientific director, who states: “the differences in the health conditions and longevity of people are sometimes even more marked than the differences in their income.”

What role can digital technology play in providing access to and ensuring healthcare services and treatments that put the patient at the centre? How do doctors and operators interact with the new technologies?
Can healthcare be envisaged as a system controlled totally by technology considering their interaction in the light of the digital divide with a population – above all elderly – with a low level of technological proficiency? How do regional health systems manage and supply services in an accessible and equal way?

These are just some of the questions that will be tackled at the “Accessible healthcare through digital technology” meeting-debate organized by Exprivia and to be held on 2 June at 7:00 pm. The speakers will include D. Favuzzi, the company’s President and CEO, Walter Ricciardi, President of the Italian Health Institute, Giancarlo Ruscitti, Director of the Department for the promotion of health, wellbeing and sport – Region of Puglia, and the moderator will be Roberto Turno from “Sole 24ore Sanità”.