PFM, financial planning for users
The Personal Financial Manager (PFM) solution is an application designed for bank customers. This app is fully integrated with the bank’s systems, in particular with Internet-home banking, and provides assistance for economic and financial planning for individuals and households through a platform available on line (desktop version) as well as, on request
The Personal Financial Manager integrated with internet-mobile banking
Interoperable architecture for transaction management to improve functionality for the end user and save time
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PFM architecture
Based on an SOA paradigm, the PFM architecture may be categorised in presentation layer (software module for the use of services), personal financial manager (engine for transaction management), interoperability system (software infrastructure capable of interfacing with all IT systems by integrating and orchestrating services in a single point of contact), data layer (for the archiving and efficient querying of data from the bank’s information systems and services), facility live search engine (application module built around user interaction, intended to reduce search times, categorise information and offer more informational content by drawing from additional sources).

Advantages and benefits
The use of the PFM app has a range of advantages. We can immediately improve the experience of end users by providing better search capabilities with intuitive and complete access to company information. Indeed, the user queries the platform by entering significant keywords relating to the particular context, and receives support from the FacilityLive function to refine the search. This advantage for the bank customer turns into a great benefit for the bank itself, as it reduces user management times thanks to semantic search capabilities. This helps to improve the customer experience by providing fast, accurate results presented in a single overview through the front-end functionality.

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