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By means of ACS acquisition in 2016, Exprivia fully entered the market of Space systems and applications. Exprivia thus increases its know-how in the industrial sector, creating synergies to identify new application domains.

Advanced Computer Systems S.r.l.
ACS is an innovative company, operating in the market for over twenty years, developing ground stations for receiving and processing satellite data ("Ground Station"), a sector in which the company has achieved a world-leading position, and provides systems engineering, design and integration services to the main contractors of satellite constellations. …
Copernicus: The earth observation programme
Exprivia ACS developed components of the Copernicus Earth Observation Programme: Sentinel-1/2/3/6 and Cosmo-SkyMed
Reception, processing and dissemination of satellite images with Ground Segments
Exprivia ACS contributed to Ground Segments of Sentinel-1/2/3/6, ADM Aeolus, GOCE, Cryosat-2 and EarthCARE
IMDatE: Big Data for maritime traffic control
Exprivia ACS developed the IMDatE system for EMSA, the European Maritime Safety Agency
MELODIES: Open Data for Research, institutions and industry
Creating value from Open Data
EVER-EST: The virtual research environment
EVER-EST offers computational resources, workflow management and cloud-based archiving
Virtual Reality and 3D: Space solutions and technologies
Exprivia ACS develops Augmented Reality and 3D solutions for training and Aerospace Research
Press releases
EUMETSAT awards ACS/Exprivia the contract for the ground segment of the european satellite mission Sentinel-6
18 January 2018

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