Security, Strategy and Technology
Hacking and cyber spying evolve in line with the ever-increasing broad band made available by technology, processing resources, mobile devices, etc.
The impenetrable company
Cyber-attacks have almost completely abandoned the terminals of individual users and moved increasingly towards large company networks to obtain access to the internal data and systems. Exprivia offers solutions that combine innovative technology with in-depth knowledge of security processes and company requirements.
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Exprivia works for the security of the company (and its customers) with flexible deliveries that range from consulting, integration and management of dedicated services through operations centres to meet the customer's security needs on a strategic, technological and operational level.
Three areas of intervention, four levels of security

The organization of company security covers three company areas: governance procedures, infrastructure and operations.

The security procedures comprise information management, compliance, business intelligence and the security dashboard. The infrastructural integrations include Log management, Fraud management, Identity management and Data loss prevention. The security operations are security assessment, infrastructure management and system monitoring.

The Exprivia solutions provide the following four levels of operational security:
  • Prevention: data protection (cyberark), security testing (codenomicon), Threat Intelligence SOC (Italtel, Exprivia and Certego), Patching & Vulnerability Management (Exprivia and SkyBox), Identity Access Management (CyberArk and Nuance)
  • Monitoring: SIEM - beyond SIEM (arcsight, securonix, loggly and Ibm Radar), Threat Intelligence SOC (Italtel, Exprivia and Certego), Identity Access Management (CyberArk and Nuance)
  • Response: Threat Intelligence SOC (Italtel, Exprivia and Certego)
  • Governance Risk & Management: GRC (SkyBox and Exprivia)

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