Understanding, planning and resolving: the healthcare environment has found its ideal partner
e4cure, simply a system
e4cure originates from a design architecture that creates the strictly technological one. Not a set of applications but a management structure elaborated having fully understood the complex and fluid nature of the healthcare environment. A system designed to be flexible and continually updated with a view to obtaining excellent results.
The local health authority and the community
The present continuous of health

Acute disease is an event that the healthcare system manages efficiently; while patients (often elderly) with chronic disease, who contact the system repeatedly for care, bookings, cards or exemptions create an overload, but often remain dissatisfied at the same time. This problem is made more critical due to the increased health costs resulting from the increase in life expectancy.

Regional authorities
Quality of life and spending.
Guaranteeing, or rather improving levels of healthcare is not incompatible with reductions in budget commitments: the solution is Exprivia e4cure in that it is designed to eliminate health expenditure dispersion and resolve all critical system problems. e4cure has designed and produced a complete suite for Regional authorities, which has already obtained important results.
e4cure, the wait-free facility
e4cure is the solution to the needs for a virtuous relationship between the public and the health facility: from admission to discharge and the return home, the system takes care of the patients and enables the healthcare operators to treat them with awareness, without them having to wait or repeat costly examinations undergone recently.
Hospital Information System
From prescription management to eBilling
Clinical systems
From the report to management of the complete diagnosis, treatment and care process
RIS-PACS – Enterprise Imaging&Voice
Systems for radiology and specialist diagnostics.
Mobile solutions
From domiciliary health care to the booking App.

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