E-TAR, Exprivia Threat Awareness Range
we simulate attack scenarios to define the following strategies
Threat Awareness Range:
we simulate attack scenarios to define the following strategies opposition

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E-TAR, Exprivia Threat Awareness Range, is an area in which it is possible to simulate real attack scenarios, which help to assess vulnerabilities and defence abilities of an entity and its components and thus define new and efficient threat busting strategies.

The framework provides a service which makes it possible, through the simulation of real attack scenarios, to identify critical behaviours of an entity's staff. The simulation has as its main players those typical of the environment in which the entity operates, who interact in real time and whose choices will impact the evolution of each single attack scenario.

At the end of each scenario presented, the best practices to be used in each situation will be reported and analysed.

For Exprivia this is the basic solution to provide an overall improvement in the quality of the response to security incidents



Strong points
  • Direct interaction with the staff of the entity
  • Presentation of overall scenarios through a user-friendly and interactive solution
  • Constant updating of threats
  • Customisation of attack scenarios with regard to the dominion of the interested entity
  • Monitoring of simulation using a special dashboard
  • Cloud availability
Our approach

Training sessions with analysis of the results deriving from the simulation reports and classroom training for the development of CyberSecurity awareness.

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