Security, Strategy and Technology
Hacking and computer espionage are evolving in line with the increasing technological capacity of ever faster bandwidth, processing tools and mobile devices.
Optimising investments to reduce overall risk
In a world surrounded by interconnected smart devices, where data is the real fuel that drives innovation and where the new technologies often outcompete the ability to govern them, security is becoming a factor of intrinsic importance.
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Exprivia's CyberSecurity strategy has been developed with the aim of supporting clients throughout the digital transformation process, ensuring it is as safe as possible, compatible with spending limits and compliant with current regulations.

The project develops in steps that guarantee the best possible performance: assessment activities aimed at identifying the most suitable controls to be implemented with regards to prevention, monitoring, response and to refine the service are followed by the implementation and management of those controls. For each control we are able to suggest the most appropriate and effective technology for the given context, implement the service, provide support for processes and technologies and deliver the service through our Network Operation Centres and Security Operation Centres located throughout Italy and abroad.

The Exprivia CyberSecurity Unit has developed a range of services based on robust pillars:

  • Expertise
  • Integration
  • Awareness and culture
  • Knowledge of the industry.
We have the necessary know-how of the most widely used technologies on the market and keep an eye on the future, guaranteeing that our clients have access to the top innovations in the field. We are also able to support non-standard technologies thanks to an extensive network of partners and observatories, and strong relations with universities and research teams that, putting themselves in the position of hackers and using the technologies used to attack, analyse the malware and are continuously developing new methods to combat it.



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