The Exprivia Smart City.
A city can only be defined really smart when the investments (both in traditional infrastructure and in ITC) made in human and social resources lead to a sustainable economic development, a higher quality of life and effective management of the natural environment. A really smart city is, however, made above all of social decisions, guidelines and behaviour.
Smart technology for smart behaviour
Material and immaterial infrastructure for a smart city.
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The Exprivia smart city indicators are:

  • Smart economy, in which competitiveness is based on technological innovation and innovative behaviour, use of the web, international relations 
  • Smart energy, in which savings and environmental protection are based on alternative forms of energy, smart building and home automation 
  • Smart mobility, in which internal and access roads are the result of operations (including technological ones) and behaviour 
  • Smart environment, in which the environmental conditions are related to protection and monitoring operations, including technological ones 
  • Smart people, in which the progress people make is related to better education and training, including the web and ITC 
  • Smart life, in which liveability is related to sharing, services, infrastructure and cultural events 
  • Smart governance, in which participation and administrative quality are related to new IT tools for access, participation, accounting, service provision, transparency and public knowledge 

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