The Seppo gamification platform is an excellent companion for any teacher, HR manager, L&D professional, team leader, training provider, content creator, etc. Anyone who needs to transfer knowledge. is a Finland-based EdTech company specializing in gamification. Our Seppo interactive gamification platform transforms any content or topic into an engaging and fun game. With Seppo you get all the benefits of mobile technology, gamification and collaboration. Gamification and added movement engage and motivate and build a collaborative culture. All of this improves the learning and memorability of the topics needed to train your staff. The online platform is a scalable SaaS solution and adapts to all types of needs. Our customers come from different business segments, schools, universities and cultural institutions around the world. Design, build and share activating games in any environment, or use our experts to customize your training courses to fit your goals. Seppo-based games can be used to put strategy into practice, create well-being at work and raise employee voices, but also for more effective and memorable safety training or onboarding processes. Gaming recruitment creates a positive company image and offers a way for a more structured and effective recruitment process. But it's not a question of what you can gamify. The question is what is the best way to start your company.

With Seppo, gamifying any workout or process is easy and fun.