The technological innovation in computational linguistics at Clic-it 2017
11 December 2017

09 Diciembre 2017

Exprivia sponsors the fourth edition of CLiC-it 2017, Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Computational Linguistics, which will be held in Rome from 11 to 13 December 2017.
The objective of CLiC-it, Italian Conference on computational linguistics, is to set up a reference forum for research and innovation in the computational linguistics of the Italian community, covering all aspects of automatic language comprehension, both written and spoken.
In the conviction that the complexity of linguistics requires interdisciplinary skills, CLiC, intends to bring together researchers in various disciplines, such as computational linguistics, linguistics, cognitive science, automatic learning, computer science, knowledge representation, information retrieval and digital humanity.
Exprivia produces solutions based on computational linguistics used increasingly in everyday life (virtual assistants, semantic search engines, intelligent chatbots…) ready to help us find information in a smart way.
For details: sag.art.uniroma2.it/clic2017/it/home/