The "History Lessons" resume at Teatro Petruzzelli
October - December 2017 - Teatro Petruzzelli, Bari

27 Septiembre 2017

After the great success of the first edition, this year the "History Lessons" will return in the wonderful showcase of Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari from 8 October to 17 December, with the "Travel" theme serving as the thread.
Six historians, introduced by Annamaria Minunno, reflect upon 'great travels' that marked the course of collective and personal history or that led to a cultural exchange between different populations and expanded the known world.

The six lectures address the following themes:

FREEDOM: Ulysses and his travel mates - Eva Cantarella
PILGRIMAGE: Bernard the Monk, the Via Francigena and Muslim Puglia - Vito Bianchi
DISCOVERY: Christopher Columbus and America - Franco Farineli
COMING HOME: Primo Levi from Auschwitz to Turin - Anna Foa
NEED: Steinbeck and the Ghost of the Depression– Alessandro Portelli
LIFE: Stravinskij from Russia to New York. Passing through Paris. – Corrado Augias

All information and the Lecture programme can be found at: www.laterza.it