Technological innovation in healthcare, protagonist at the Lifetech Forum in Venice
26-27 October 2017 - Venice

13 Octubre 2017

How does technological innovation help the healthcare system to optimize the resources present across the country? How can Big Data and Analytics technologies help in the fields of clinical governance and scientific and epidemiological research through the extrapolation of information from the regional health record?
These are some of the themes discussed at the Life Tech Forum, the most important event for operators in digital healthcare, pharmacology and information technology.
Exprivia took part in the forum to discuss the themes related to the sustainability and innovation of healthcare models and the new frontiers of e-health in healthcare and treatment pathways.
In fact, Exprivia has produced healthcare software for over twenty years, ranging from specialized clinical fields, such as diagnostic imaging and cardiology, to management and administrative systems that manage the local health authority and hospital healthcare processes, to regional information systems.

The Lifetech forum also hosted an in-depth presentation of “Big Data and Analytics in the setting of the Electronic Health Record”, which, starting from the objectives set by the decree that introduced the Electronic Health Record, describes the approach adopted in the Exprivia project with the application of Natural Language Processing and Big Data/Analytics techniques to the historical documentation of the record, in support of the healthcare, clinical governance, scientific and epidemiological research activities.

In addition, an analysis was conducted, together with Dell EMC, on how to integrate the record with individual items of information, symptoms and diagnoses and exploit innovative personalized medicine and healthcare techniques to improve the quality of the services provided to the patient and reduce the healthcare times.

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