Exprivia partecipeted the event " Scuola Simulazione e Medicina " held on 15th to 17th October in Lecce

20 Octubre 2015

The event, with an educational nature for physicians, engineers and bioengineers, has had its focus the analysis of the synergy between the new technologies (such as virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and human-computer interaction) and the medicine with the objective to compare engineering and medicine and provide an overview on the most advanced technologies currently available, their potential and their actual effectiveness in medicine through the presentation of various experimental and clinical applications.

Exprivia was present with its own exhibition space for the promotion of PACS and 3D imaging with a presentation entitled: " Sistemi di Visualizzazione e Post Elaborazione Radiologica 3D Avanzata" ", edited by Dr. Claudio D'Antona (Presales Specialist Exprivia Healthcare IT).