Exprivia inaugurates the 12th National SEGi Congress "“Women's Reproductive Health and Technological Innovation"
Bari, 11-12 June 2017

12 Junio 2017

Women’s reproductive health and technological innovation are the themes of the 12th National SEGi Congress entitled “Women’s Reproductive Health and Technological Innovation. New, minimally invasive approaches and pharmacological treatments” to be held in Bari 11-12 June 2017.
Endoscopy plays a leading role in the diagnosis and treatment of many gynaecological diseases and major steps forward have been made through technology with the introduction of increasingly efficient and high-quality visual and robotic equipment.
Puglia has a long tradition in endoscopy, but also a network of young companies operating in the field of health technology and applications the very latest endoscopic techniques will be presented at the Congress to encourage technological innovation and collaboration between the companies in the area and the leading experts in the sector. Exprivia, which has always focused on responding to the needs of the health sector, will inaugurate the Congress, by taking part in the opening Round Table meeting.