Exprivia at the Mediterranean Health Forum
Bari, 12-13 September 2017

07 Septiembre 2017

Health care innovation and sustainability: these are the main themes of the Mediterranean Health Care Forum in Bari, which will focus in particular on the health care services of Southern Italy and on new health and social protection solutions, able to exploit the opportunities offered by technology.
At the Forum, telemedicine experiences will be presented, along with new approaches to process management, which are drawing up new Health Care service models. In this context, Exprivia, which has always been attentive to the needs of the health care sector, will be present at the conference entitled "Technological innovation applied to health care: excellences of the Puglia Region" with a presentation by Dante Altomare on "The health care IT systems on a regional basis", and by Francesco Bellifemine on "The solutions of technological players" in the session entitled "telemedecine in support of home care".
Exprivia will also be present with its own exhibition space.
For additional details, please see the webpage:  www.forumriskmanagement.it/index.php/forum-mediterraneo-2017