Conferencia internacional IEEE 2020
27 de mayo de 2020 - 16:00, live streaming (versión inglesa)

17 Mayo 2020

The IEEE 2020 Conference (IEEE EAIS2020) is an international forum focused on the discussion of recent advances, the exchange of recent innovations and the outline of open important future challenges in the area of Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent Systems.
Exprivia participates in the Session entitled "Adaptive Critical Care Intervention in the Internet of Medical Things" with a speech by Corrado Fasciano - Innovation Marketing Exprivia - scheduled for Wednesday, May 27th at 16:00. The focus of the speech is to illustrate how advances in the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies can push the healthcare system to advance in the path of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment, increasing the potential of medical devices.

For more information: sites.google.com/view/eais2020/home