15 December 2016
Exprivia participates in the event “Telemedicine in support of welfare networks and the sustainability of the healthcare system. The Puglia model and the national scenario”.

15 Diciembre 2016

Event organised at AOU Policlinico di Bari (University Hospital, Polyclinic of Bari).

The event addresses the issue of Telemedicine, as the new frontier for welfare processes focused increasingly more on transitional (home) care and, therefore, on the saving of public resources, nonetheless ensuring the same current standards of care and a better of quality of life for the patient, by making use of remote assistance and remote monitoring systems.

Exprivia takes part in the Round-Table Discussion entitled: Telemedicine: Organisational models and sustainability. Change in demand and supply” with a speech by Dante Altomare, President of Exprivia Healthcare IT and in the afternoon meeting called: Telemedicine. Needs and planning of Puglia healthcare providers and hospitals and innovations introduced by ICT, with a speech by Francesco Bellifemine, Production and Delivery Director Exprivia SpA.