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Exprivia se une a la ioXt Alliance: más seguridad para los dispositivos en red

25 marzo 2021

Among the first Italian companies to join the global ioXt Alliance network, Exprivia will be able to provide new services to certify the security of IoT devices, reducing the risk of exposure to cybercrime.

Exprivia has become a member of the ioXt Alliance (Internet of secure things), the global network for the security of IoT devices that involves the main players in the technology sector with the aim of creating internationally recognized and applied security standards.

Exprivia is among the first Italian companies to join the Alliance with the qualification of Affiliate, ready to become a point of reference for Italian companies that want to certify the security of their networked devices. The CyberSecurity team will be able to verify the adoption of reliable cryptographic protocols with authentication mechanisms that do not allow universal passwords, verify software vulnerabilities and their updating process, to protect security in a guaranteed minimum period of time.

Considering the latest report of 2020 on the state of cybersecurity in Italy published by Exprivia's CyberSecurity Research, it emerges that every day more and more devices are connected to the network without an adequate level of protection. At the end of 2020, the Exprivia Research recorded almost 8 million IPv4 devices connected to the network in Italy, of which 126,803 between cameras, smart TVs, printers, firewalls and routers and 1,093 PLC devices, i.e. devices that control essential services from industrial plants to exchanges electric. The analysis shows that an important number of these devices are without authentication protocols, causing massive exposure to criminal attacks.

In order to make devices safer, ioXt Alliance has created the ioXt Security Pledge: a set of standards that IoT devices must comply with to ensure security, constant updating and transparency to the market and consumers. Through the certification program - also supported by Exprivia - IoT device manufacturers can request verification of the safety requirements set by the ioXt standard and obtain the certification mark.

"Being part of the ioXt Alliance represents an important recognition for the work done to date on cybersecurity - says Domenico Raguseo, CyberSecurity Director of Exprivia. IoT devices are constantly increasing and it is necessary, for the safety of users, that they be certified according to globally recognized safety standards".

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