Webinar: Exprivia Threat Intelligence Infographics Spain 2020
25 February 2021

25 February 2021

In language English and Spanish.

In January 2020, Exprivia created the CyberCrime Observatory, which collects, analyses and makes available to those working in the world of cybersecurity the data collected on attacks, incidents and privacy violations.

The result of this study and analysis, relating to the perimeter of Spain, will be made public through the first edition of Exprivia's Threat Intelligence Infographics Spain 2020.

It’ s in this context that Exprivia proposes the free webinar entitled "Exprivia Threat Intelligence Infographics Spain 2020" scheduled on 25 February at 15:00, aimed at presenting the updated data for the fourth quarter of 2020.

During the event, in addition to commenting on the data contained in the infographics on the state of cybersecurity in 2020 in Spain, we will also provide insights on cybersecurity topics. We will talk about the vulnerabilities of an e-commerce system, threat intelligence trends, threats that alert the healthcare world and how to work on preventive security to minimise the effectiveness of threats.

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