Cyberdefender National Team, TeamItaly, prepares for Hackfest2020
16-17th November 2020

16 November 2020

On 16 and 17th November hundreds of young IT security experts connected from Europe will take part in Hackfest2020, an online friendly competition organised by the European Network and Information Security Agency, which replaces the annual European Cyber Security Challenge, postponed for health emergency for this edition only. Among the challengers is also the National Cyberdefender Team, TeamItaly, which, in order to prepare for the competition, has decided to organise its annual retreat in virtual mode.

Exprivia is sponsoring HackFest2020, the first meeting for the new TeamItaly squad, whose convocations arrived the day after the final round of CyberChallenge.IT: the national advanced training course in computer security in which 560 young people took part from March to October and among them the best were invited to join the national team of ethical hackers.

For further information: https://cybersecnatlab.it/ritiro-online-nazionale-italiana-hacker-etici-hackfest2020/

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