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The PA in the time of Coronavirus: here's 'RITA', the online virtual assistant who answers your questions about the #IoRestoaCasa (I'm stayin home) decreee

19 March 2020

Developed by Exprivia and QuestIT, it is available free of charge to public bodies that request it to deal with the coronavirus emergency

More up-to-date and informed citizens with ‘Rita’, the virtual assistant developed to answer frequent questions about the #IoRestoaCasa decree.
It is an initiative by the Puglia-based Exprivia with the technological support of QuestIT, the Siena-based company that developed the Artificial Intelligence system, which can analyse user queries and through voice interactions answer in real time all questions about permitted and forbidden activities, travel restrictions, self-declaration forms and any other matter contained in the decree.

The virtual assistant Rita, thus named in honour of Rita Levi Montalcini, can be activated free of charge by the public bodies who request it and will be operative for the entire duration of the coronavirus emergency, providing information about the guidelines contained in the Italian Prime Minister’s Decree of 11 March 2020, updatable also in accordance with the various orders in force in each municipality.
Rita is a chatbot with an intelligent self-learning system which, based on its conversations and interactions with humans, can quickly and accurately provide the most relevant answer to the question posed, improve its knowledge base, and ask the user to be more precise in formulating the question with automatic suggestions in the chat.
Rita is active 24/7 and can be accessed from a computer, tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device with an internet connection.

The municipal authorities of Bari, Taranto, Vibo Valentia, Molfetta, Mola di Bari, Gioia del Colle and Cellamare have already requested the service and it is already activated on some council websites. To request the activation of ‘Rita’ please send an email to

With the Rita virtual support system we want to make a concrete contribution to dealing with the national emergency, together with the recently released “IoRestoACasa” self-diagnosis App, by offering Municipalities a new tool free of charge for informing and reassuring their citizens.” stated Dante Altomare, vice President of Exprivia and head of the PA sector. “Thanks to the chatbot created with QuestIT, our Siena-based subsidiary operating in the Artificial Intelligence field, we can reinforce and effectively convey the message contained in the #IoRestoaCasa Ministerial Decree”.

After Caterina for the Municipal authority in Siena, with the Rita virtual support service we wanted to make a real contribution to enable citizens to be better informed and more up-to-date, in a difficult time like this.” commented Ernesto Di Iorio, CEO of QuestIT. “The goal is also to provide support to public bodies with advanced technologies that improve the quality of the information and of the service, thanks to an intelligent system, available to citizens 24/7 and accessible from all devices and all places.”

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