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Coronavirus emergency: new 'iorestoacasa' app created by Federazione delle Societā Medico Scientifiche Italiane, in collaboration with Exprivia, for self-assessment of symptoms

17 March 2020

All citizens can assess the level of attention to be paid to their health conditions based upon the symptoms and behaviours adopted. The download is free via the official Android store, searching for ‘iorestoacasa’. Soon to be active on the iOS store

The Federazione delle Società Medico Scientifiche Italiane (FISM), in collaboration with Exprivia, in view of the evolution of the epidemiological situation and the increase in cases of Coronavirus across the country, as well as the periodic commitment to developing information and awareness-raising procedures on the new disease, is launching the ‘iorestoacasa’ app, allowing citizens to self-assess their symptoms and behaviours adopted in the recent period.

The app has advanced functionalities for anonymous data analysis using Artificial Intelligence and allows citizens to answer a series of questions regarding their symptoms, travel, family, habits and vaccines. Based upon the answers, the technology will assess the level of attention - high, medium or low – to be paid to the health conditions, subject to all of the strict instructions issued by the Italian Health Ministry and Higher Institute of Health. The app will subsequently be equipped with multi-channel functionality and chat bots managed by Artificial Intelligence to allow the Authorities to access a large amount of useful, processed and easily-interpreted data.

Dr Franco Vimercati, President of FISM – a Federation which associates Italy's medical-scientific societies accredited with the Health Ministry - states that “The sharing of scientific information is absolutely essential to promote correct and safe behaviours among healthcare professionals and people who may feel disorientated or confused by the multitude of news circulating in recent days”.

Since the very onset of the emergency, Exprivia has adopted all useful measures to align the company with the provisions of the Authorities to combat the spread of Coronavirus, with the dual aim of safeguarding its production activities and the health of all its collaborators. The new app is a further step forward made by the group, contributing to slowing down the spread of the virus, as confirmed by Francesco Bellifemine, Director of Exprivia's Digital Factory E-Health and Smart City: “Thanks also to the sensitivity of FISM we have been able to create very quickly the ‘iorestoacasa’ app. Exprivia thereby intends to contribute to preventing contagion by providing a useful tool to the population”.

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