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Evolution of Artificial Intelligence systems and new business models: the conference "Artificial, not too artificial" in Siena

21 October 2019

Friday, 25 October, Santa Maria della Scala will host four round tables, international speakers and the presentation of the SAIHub technological-scientific hub

How are companies adapting to new Artificial Intelligence technologies? What prospects for innovation await? This will be discussed on Friday, 25 October in Siena during the conference entitled "Artificial, not too artificial. How to form a network between companies for the creation of an Artificial Intelligence ecosystem", from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm at the Santa Maria della Scala museum complex.

The event is organised and promoted by QuestIT - the Sienese company specialising in AI solutions - and Exprivia|Italtel - which acquired 20% of QuestIT in July 2019 - with the collaboration of the Foundation Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the patronage of the Municipality of Siena and in collaboration with SAILab - Siena Artificial Intelligence Lab and Toscana Life Sciences.

The day will include four round tables at which national and international companies and bodies will discuss the potential for development related to Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities for creating a network through new business models based on new technologies. Visions and future perspectives from the point of view of companies which increasingly integrate intelligent solutions into their business will be furthered by the experiences of the academic world, thanks to the testimonies of Italian universities and innovation laboratories.

Furthermore, the event will be an opportunity to present the "SAIHub" project, a technological-scientific hub based in Siena that can attract and unite multiple companies under a single incubator, with the aim of investigating every area of development - from culture to welfare - with a focus on Life Sciences, supported by the research of local universities and the SAILab laboratory.

"QuestIT was created twelve years ago as a spin-off of the Artificial Intelligence research group of the University of Siena", says Marco Landi, president of QuestIT. The start-up has made great strides over the years to become an innovative company known as one of the biggest leaders for the choice of Artificial Intelligence solutions in Italy, which we will soon also bring abroad. QuestIT is positioned as an organisation seeking to create an ecosystem that brings dynamism, innovation and new jobs together with every possible partner in the Siena area”.

"Artificial Intelligence is more and more becoming part of our lives, in the objects we use every day, in the applications of our smartphones, in our cars. It is rapidly changing the way we work and relate," says
Domenico Favuzzi, head of the Exprivia|Italtel Group. The event organised along with the associate QuestIT is an important opportunity for our group to have public discussions with the players of the sector.
Exprivia|Italtel will bring its consolidated experience in the ICT sector to Siena along with cases in which artificial intelligence can and must be applied. One such example is the FBank application created together with QuestIT, which will make our customers' home banking increasingly smarter thanks to the introduction of a virtual assistant: this is an example of an application with a broad impact on people's
lives. Other areas of use concern the industrial world, where we propose the use of voice commands and computer vision to guide robots in their activities".

In addition to Marco Landi and Domenico Favuzzi, the meetings will be attended by Sara Pugliese, Councillor for Youth policies, equal opportunities and IT services of the Municipality of Siena, Francesco Frati, Rector of the University of Siena, Carlo Rossi, President of the Foundation Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Paolo Castellacci, President of Computer Gross Italy, Edoardo Perossa, Healthcare Division Sales Manager of Zucchetti Centrosistemi, Silvano Meloni, President and General Manager of Readytec, Federico Ermacora, South Europe Sales Manager of ZenDesk, Francesco Macrì, President of Estra, Roberto Calculli, Chief Executive Officer of The Digital Box, Marco Gori, Director of 'Siena Artificial Intelligence Lab', Felice Vitulano, Head of the "Application & Infrastructure Management" Department of Exprivia, Marco Breda, Head of Advanced Analytics CoE of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Bari and Councillor for Bari Innovation, Angelo Coletta, President of Italia Startup, Ernesto Di Iorio, QuestIT Chief Executive Officer, FedericaBiancon, Investment Manager at PoliHub, Francesca Ottier, representative of Invitalia, Patrizia Marti, Professor of Experience Design at the University of Siena, Marco Forte, General Manager of the Foundation Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Piero Poccianti, President of the Italian AI Association, Francesca Rossi, AI Ethics Global Leader IBM Research, Alessandro Chinnici, Intelligent Collaboration Consultant of IBM Italia, and finally, Giovanni Landi, representative of Ja Solar.

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