Horizon 2020: Exprivia was awarded European funding for the Cyber Security research, development and innovation project

14 March 2019

The ECHO project - European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations -, formally launched on February 1, 2019, aims to provide an organized and coordinated approach to strengthening Cyber Defense in the European Union by establishing a European network of centers specializing in the field of cybersecurity, contributing at the same time to the European industrial strategy.

With a global cost of 15 million euros, ECHO plans a partnership with 30 companies (including Italian Fincantieri, ACEA, Vitrociset, AON, Zanasi, Link Campus University, CIRM-Italian Consortium for Medical Research), academies (such as the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, that'll be acting as coordinator) and the universities of 15 EU states.

The kick-off meeting, which took place on February 25 at Brussels, was attended by Maria Vittoria Marabello, Functional Analyst, Benito Carnovale, Delivery Manager, and Marco Cammisa, Delivery Manager at Exprivia.

During the meeting, the Commission itself took a strong interest in the objectives and the results of the project and clearly stated that it wanted to take part in its various stages.

Regarding this, the Commission is launching an important information campaign on ECHO and on 3 other projects that were granted funding in this specific call dedicated to Cyber Security.

More information at www.echonetwork.eu

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