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Exprivia wins the tender for the supply of products and services for the creation of the Regional Information System for Diagnostic Imaging (SIRDImm) of the Puglia Region

16 May 2018

Exprivia has been declared the successful tenderer, by final award, of the open tender procedure for the supply of products and services for the creation of the Regional Information System for Diagnostic Imaging (SIRDImm) of the puglia Region.

The contract awarded for a total amount of Euro 15.8 million will be a 72-month contract and will provide for the supply of hardware, software and services for the creation of a Single RIS-PACS System to manage in an integrated way, within the Puglia Region, all the workflow and data storage (images and reports) produced by diagnostic imaging services (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Cardiology and Hemodynamics), present in the Apulia healthcare system.

The solution is designed with a two-layered functional architecture, which guarantees high standards of efficiency and reliability through cooperation between the main central node and the supporting peripheral infrastructure.

The Puglia Region’s course of action represents the first example in Italy of a completely centralized diagnostic image management system at regional level, based on the use of two main data centers and a third disaster recovery center, which together generate a regional private cloud of primary importance in the national scene.

The SIRDImm project represents a further step towards the digitization of clinical-healthcare pathways in terms of an integrated regional information system and is one of the main pillars of the Puglia Region's strategy for the implementation of the Digital Agenda.

With this contract, Exprivia confirms itself as a privileged interlocutor with regional public healthcare administrations that intend to pursue efficiency objectives through projects of digitalization of healthcare, clinical and diagnostic processes in extended territorial areas through multi-specialized PACS Enterprise systems.

"Exprivia is already a partner, as a provider of advanced diagnostic image management architectures, of hundreds of hospitals in Italy and abroad. - States Dante Altomare, vice president of Exprivia and director of the Health and Public Administration business unit.- This order, due to its complexity and innovation, confirms our position of leadership in a highly specialized sector, in which operate only the multinationals of the diagnostic imaging market, and is one of the highest expression of Made in Italy technology."

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