Exprivia-Italtel presented the integration project at the STAR Conference of Borsa Italiana
Favuzzi and Pileri, created one of the most important companies in the digital technologies sector. In 2017, pro forma integrated revenues of 591.4 million.

27 March 2018

One of the leading Italian companies in digital technologies, with a revenues that aimed at over 600 million euros and over 3000 people employed, is born from the integration of Exprivia, a company listed on the Star segment of Borsa Italiana, and Italtel. The Exprivia and Italtel merger terms were illustrated during the Star Conference by the chairman and CEO of Exprivia Domenico Favuzzi and the CEO of Italtel Stefano Pileri, The CEOs provided the details of the transaction which is a prelude to the integration of the businesses of the two companies, that recorded in a pro-forma joint financial statement a revenues of Euro 591.4 million in 2017.

Favuzzi has illustrated the details of the transaction completed in December 2017, with which Exprivia took control of Italtel through the purchase of an 81% stake in the capital of the historic leader in the telecommunications market. The acquisition concluded Italtel's recapitalization process of Euro 113.8 million, structured through the conversion into SFP of part of the financial credit and the increase in ordinary share capital subscribed by Exprivia and Cisco System International B.V.

"The Exprivia-Italtel group - said Domenico Favuzzi - has the goal of becoming one of the most important Italian industrial companies in digital technologies, combining Exprivia's expertise in software applications and experience in various markets such as healthcare, finance, aerospace and Italtel's focus on network infrastructures, data centers, and TLC markets ". Exprivia closed 2017 with a consolidated turnover of Euro161.2 million, registering an increase of 14% over the previous year, and with a 27% increase in profit margins.

"The integration of this two important players - said Stefano Pileri - in addition to indicating a clear leadership at national level, will support the worldwide expansion of the group, thanks to Exprivia’s presence in China, South America and European markets and the consolidated international presence of Italtel, specifically in the USA, South America and Europe where the company produces about 40% of its turnover". The 2017 financial statements of Italtel registered a consolidated turnover of 430.2 million euros, with an increase of over 6% compared to 2016.

The document presented during the event is available at the website and at Borsa Italiana’ storage system eMarket STORAGE,

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