The first-ever cancer teleconsultation platform is now online

4 December 2017

Conceived by the start-up company and produced by Exprivia, it enables opinions, diagnoses and treatments to be received at home

4 December 2017. The first-ever on-line web platform for consulting oncologists situated at a remote location. Designed by Exprivia – an international group specialized in Information and Communication Technology – the IT platform enables patients with clear serious diseases or with an initial diagnosis of suspected serious disease, to choose and consult specialists on line without having to travel to other cities or regions and in full compliance with the privacy legislation.

The cancer teleconsultation service was conceived by, a start-up company that won the InnovitsGymnasium 2017 prize – awarded to start-ups that distinguish themselves with innovative projects – and was selected by the EIB (European Investment Bank) among 308 candidates from various countries, being classified in the first five selected for access to financing and mentoring managerial support.

Every year, in Italy, 800,000 people move from one region to another, searching for better health care. The platform designed by Exprivia, through’s web site, puts the patient in contact with the leading expert in the therapeutic area in question, to whom all the examinations conducted and the answers to the medical history questions can be sent remotely, and enables him to obtain an appropriate diagnosis, opinions and therapeutic advice without having to travel at all.

After five years of testing, during which the platform was put at patients’ disposal free of charge so that they could try out the service, the teleconsultation activity is now active and is finding favour with many patients all over Italy. Restricted for the time being to oncological diseases on which it has been amply tested, the service will be extended in the future to other diseases that require consultation or a second opinion of expert doctors that may be hard to find near the patients’ place of residence.

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